Jun 262014

Fin­ish­ing Strong on June 26!

130 kids in Bible camp, men’s Bible study goes longer than the women’s, and men play game “wide and nar­row path”. No run­ning water forces team to cre­atively shower with buck­ets of well water. Lynn enjoyed a 2 1/​2 inch bed bug, and every­one is healthy. Get­ting ready for the longest day with a church ser­vice after the Bible stud­ies. Pray that our mime blesses the Santa Marian’s. blogger-image--533352912
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Jun 242014

1st Day of Camp!

Today was the first day of Bible camp. A lot of prepa­ra­tions this morn­ing as the team kicked the week off. Today’s les­son was on Elija and the prophets of Baal. We had about 75 kids at camp today which began a bit late due to the rain. The skies opened up about an hour before camp was to begin, but praise God the rain stopped in time for camp and our after­noon activ­i­ties. After Bible camp we had an hour break before the men’s and women’s Bible studies.

The team is all doing well, and we are all con­tin­u­ing to build rela­tion­ships with the peo­ple in Santa Maria. We are con­stantly reminded of the chal­lenges life brings to the peo­ple in this com­mu­nity. It reminds us of how blessed we truly are. Thanks for your con­tin­ued prayers. Chris Freisheim.

Jun 212014

The Team Arrives! The team arrives in Nicaragua with­out much of a hitch. Well except that Butch’s one suit­case broke open. No wor­ries we have duct tape. Lydia’s first time and she says, “I’m just tak­ing it all in.” Our biggest prayer is for good com­mu­ni­ca­tion. No trans­la­tor for the first 24 hours. Thanks for your sup­port and […]

Jun 192014
Nicaragua on Thursday, June 19th

Train the Trainer This morn­ing, before going to Masaya, we are work­ing with some folks to pre­pare them for lead­ing Bible stud­ies here in Santa Maria. Once they are fin­ished, we will head to see Juan at the school he works at in Masaya. It should be about a 2 hour drive. So far, the trip has been very […]

Jun 182014
Tuesday & Wednesday in Nicaragua!

Wednes­day, June 18th.….Crystal clear morn­ing here in Santa Maria! Nets are hung, cots are out, water is on ice and all is set for the team’s arrival. Last night was the first Bible Study at the church, start­ing the 2 week study on the Ser­mon on the Mount from Matthew chap­ter 5. Today we are off to […]